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Office Phone Systems

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November 14, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Office Phone Systems

An office phone system should be dependable, expandable, and procured with features that fulfill both current & future requirements. We’ve installed every type of commercial phone system in the industry and can help you decide what technology will fit your business.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

A VoIP system unifies your phone system with your other digital systems, allowing operators to manage calls, fax, sms, video conferencing, and practically any other form of communication through their computer or their office phone. VoIP is the new standard in telephony due to its ability to leverage such a wide range of technologies. With new & evolving technology also comes the need to understand it’s requirements and proper configuration. We’ll make sure your bandwidth is sufficient while leveraging QoS, packet prioritization, and anti-fragmentation to be sure your calls sound crystal clear. Beware of VoIP installers that don’t understand how to eliminate quality degradation!

PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

PBX systems differentiate from VoIP systems in that they are connected to a public switched telephone network, commonly referred to as “landlines”. PBX systems are often chosen for their reliability and independence from bandwidth issues or internet outages. PBX systems still offer a vast feature set such as call routing, call waiting, auto-attendant, conference calls, call metering, and voicemail just to name a few. Current PBX systems also support VoIP features, meaning the reliability of a PBX system does not have to be at the expense of features only available on VoIP. Again, it takes expertise to understand what fits for your business, and that’s where we shine.


As an authorized Panasonic reseller, we are happy to provide expertise in the hardware and software applications of all the latest Panasonic offerings.

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